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Cryptographic Infrastructure for Web3

Vaulted Ventures has deployed a new kind of internet infrastructure, which enables digital files to be owned and digital legal instruments to be correctly and provably executed. The infrastructure supports Vaulted Objects, which are data objects containing encrypted media content. These include digital deeds, which makes them able to manage legal rights and duties, and opens up a broad range of commercial applications.

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Privacy Capitalism

Vaulted Ventures is collaborating with 3PMobile to provide PrivateAgent, the infrastructure backbone for a new way of doing business online, based on data privacy, respect and reciprocity.

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Digital Containers for Legal Rights

Vaulted Objects are able to serve people in a wide variety of ways, because they contain valid legal deeds. Rights containerisation is a powerful new concept, able to unlock new business opportunities.

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AI Responsibility

As well as legal rights, Vaulted Objects are useful in the management of legal responsibilities. People generally are under a legal duty to avoid causing harm to others. This is the classic conception of “duty of care”. Users of AI systems also have a duty of care, to avoid harm to others.

Duty of Care in AI Systems

Digital Deeds

Deeds are fundamental legal instruments, which can achieve many things, and have been used throughout human civilisation. The addition of deeds to the Vaulted Objects infrastructure enables all sorts of novel applications.

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Digital Seals

The heart and soul of Digital Deeds are Digital Seals. Current the world uses Digital Signatures. Read on to discover why Digital Seals are superior.

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Learn more about Digital Seals

NFTs are Deeply Flawed

Digital collectibles first appeared on blockchain networks, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, but the information architecture happened by accident rather than by design.

What’s wrong with NFTs?

How do Vaulted Objects compare?

Vaulted Objects exist on cloud computing infrastructure that is entirely different to the way that blockchains are put together. We believe that this is a much more suitable foundation for collectibles and for managing containerised legal rights.

Blockchain NFTs compared with Vaulted Objects

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