Duty of Care in AI Systems

The creation of a Vaulted Object is a rather more solemn action than the mere creation of an ordinary digital file.

A Vaulted Object is, by necessity, bound to its creator, forensically. The creator is the first to possess the Vaulted Object and is therefore its first owner. Any and all subsequent owners are each recorded within the “chain of title“ aspect of the metadata.

The creator is a special kind of owner, as it is clear on the evidence within the Vaulted Object itself, that the creator is the causative agent — the sine qua non (without which, not) of the whole affair.

This is great when everyone is happy about the existence of the Vaulted Object and its contents, and is akin to (and may parallel) moral rights of attribution in copyright law terms. However, when people are unhappy with the Vaulted Object and its contents, then the cause of its existence will come under scrutiny.

The creator of the Vaulted Object will be presumed to be under a duty of care, to avoid harms to others.